Bombas Ideal

BOMBAS IDEAL S.A. has been manufacturing pumps since 1. 902. Throughout this period, the most advanced technology has been used in the design and manufacture of our products to obtain the highest levels of efficiency and quality which has resulted in its products being found al/ over the five continents. This brochure provides a brief overview of the wide range of products and descnbes some of the research & development, manufacturing techniques and quality control systems used in their production.

For Bombas Ideal, quality and service are the two most important forces and by meeting our customers’ current needs and anticipating their future requirements the company has gained their trust. The manteinance of these principales are the capital for the future.

In its home market of Spain, Bonbas Ideal has a network of 9 branch offices each with their local stores of new pumps and spares. There are a gurther 200 dealers supported by technical after-sales offices in the mai cities nation providing a comprenhensive service as befits a leading pump manufacturer.

Bombas Ideal has associated companies, manufacturing licensees and distributos in 68 countries and it is represented on all five continents providing a substancial international presence.