Altafonte is a global music and technology company established in 2011.

We partner with artists and labels to make their music available on over 100 streaming platforms and digital stores worldwide, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Claro Música, Pandora and Tencent, among others. We generate revenue from more than 160 countries.

We’re one of the fastest growing music companies in the world and the leaders in Latin America, with offices in Spain, Portugal, United States, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Argentina and Chile.

Altafonte’s global team is made up of true music fans who are committed to offering our artists, labels and other partners our expertise, creativity, knowledge and experience working with high-end technology. As a company, we stay up to date on the latest advances in marketing and business intelligence, and we maintain a close network with the leaders and managers of digital platforms, social networks, and the most influential media publications in the world.

We innovate through technology and design, developing software that is efficient and user-friendly. We have our own online platform, Altafonte Back Office (ABO), that allows our labels and artists to easily upload and manage content and to access information about their music’s global reach.

Our focus is on internationalization and creating a global audience for the artists and labels we work with. We adapt to change with humility and honesty. We create connections and share knowledge. We value cultural diversity and commit ourselves to inclusivity, collaboration, friendship, and ethics. We’re conscious of the impact of our actions and we offer real solutions for responsible, sustainable and fair progress.

Altafonte’s specialties are:

Music Distribution

We distribute music and video in digital and physical formats and offer an array of valuable services to support this.

Music Label

We partner with artists and labels to develop new talent and to market and promote releases in multiple territories.

Music Rights

We manage and collect neighboring rights from copyright collection societies around the world. We’re music publishers who collect globally. We handle synchronizations for film, TV, series, publicity, etc.

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