Alma en Pena

Spanish shoewear brand Alma en Pena was born in Spain, in the summer of 2006. This small, unpretentious Project, has turned into a consolidated and strong company in our country, easily recognizable and with a reliable presence throughout the world.

It all started with three longtime friends: Mónica Rucabado, José Gil and Eladio Vizcaíno. The creators of the Alma en Pena universe shared their devotion and experience in the shoe business, and a clear idea of design, image and quality.

Undoubtedly, Alma en Pena was born to accompany modern women, who seek to be comfortable in their day to day life, without giving up on their own style with wich they are perfect. These are the ones who wear our shoes. These are Alma en Pena women.

The Alma en Pena essence

Alma en Pena manufactures all its shoes in high quality, exclusive and well-crafted materials, and follows a one hundred percent environmentally friendly process. As a sign of its personality, it bets on very feminine footwear models where exclusivity and comfort coexist, creating unique and special artworks.

You can identify our brand by its jewel sandals. Glass is the essential detail of each collection. Each shoe is unique and made in a way that makes it easy to combine with any look. No matter if you feel like wearing casual or elegant, with Alma en Pena it will always feel special.

Alma en Pena offers a wide variety of designs for every occasion, from flat sandals, which are a stablished reference, to wedges, and original boots and ankle boots. Always highlighting its original materials, textures and ornaments, both in summer and winter campaigns.

Our team. Our success

If we were asked about one of the most important parts of the brand, we would definitely say “our team”.

We count on 200 artisans who take care of quality and small details, fully specialized in the requirements of a brand as special as Alma en Pena. They are all led by a woman who represents the values ​​of the brand to the end, and who is always comitted to work hard. A current and responsable woman, very capable of reconciling work and family, with children and fully incorporated into the maelstrom of work, Cathy.

Manufacturing a collection as extensive as Alma en Pena’s is very complicated, and it is rare to be able to do it in a single factory. However, she knows how to combine everything in a single way, and with perfect quality standards.

Our office staff in Madrid complete a team with incomparable professionalism. From collection design, logistics, quality control, finance, e-commerce, marketing…, a team made up mainly of women, where we intend to support the importance of women and their value in Alma en Pena. We also have more than 30 teams of commercial agents, who join forces so that Alma en Pena has a presence throughout the world.