Corporate name
Santiveri, S.L.


Nutrition and Life

With more than 135 years of experience, Santiveri leads the Spanish market of dietetics, where it holds three manufacturing sites (Barcelona, Lleida and Valladolid), 9 owned shops and nearly 200 franchises. Its products (mix of around 1.000 references) are commercialized in over 7.000 points of sale (dietetic shops, health food shops, retailers and parapharmacies).

Furthermore, we count on subsidiary companies in Italy and Mexico. We currently produce and commercialize four lines of products:

  • Healthy Food and Organic: this line includes, amongst others, a range of no added sugar foods indicated for diabetics and a range of gluten and lactose free products for celiacs or intolerants to cow milk protein.
  • Food Supplements: in pearls, capsules, tablets or granules meant to supplement diets with essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other basic nutrients to keep a well balanced diet.
  • Herbs and infusions: prepared in tablets, extracts, tea bags, instant teas and infusions or chopped plants, to make their consumption easier and more enjoyable.
  • Organic and Natural cosmetics: Sunscreen products, facial, body and hair products based in vegetal extracts and other natural and organic products.

Diverse references of the brand have become classics in the Spanish dietetic category: the “Dextrin” bread, a toasted wholegrain bread baked following a special process called “dextrination”, which makes it more digestive and crunchier. Also the “Carnita”, a vegetal meat soy based that is a must for a vegetarian diet.