Corporate name
El Ganso

El Ganso

Nearly 17 years ago, in 2004, El Ganso was born, a family-owned Spanish brand that—thanks to two brothers, one dream, and their boundless enthusiasm—committed to constant growth based on their values.

The brand emerged from a simple idea: sell preppy menswear at competitive prices. Iconic garments that break with convention and are always affordable. This concept gave rise to EL GANSO, a brand with a free and mischievous spirit.

A British style for those in search of something different, with its own personality. The turning point arrived in spring 2005, when on a family trip to Budapest… there they were… sneakers like the ones worn by Slovak soldiers in WWII. The success was almost immediate; overnight the streets were flooded with colour as they added the finishing touches to the most Ganso looks. Scottish tartan, stripes, colours, flags, and fabrics. The details DO matter.

This is the origin… a trip, some sneakers, and a GANSO personality. The hallmark for those who seek “something more”. Another perspective on the world of retail. More than a clothing brand, El Ganso is a way of being, a way of understanding life.

Always searching for new formulas and listening to customer feedback, El Ganso believes in digitisation, sustainability, innovation, and traceability as the brand’s strategic pillars.

Today El Ganso has more than 150 points of sale in Spain, Portugal, France, Chile, Mexico, and Kuwait, including the brand’s own stores, retail concessions, and website:

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