Corporate name
Angulas Aguinaga

Angulas Aguinaga

Angulas Aguinaga is a food company that builds its business on constant innovation, focused on quality and on its brand; the company’s success is also based on intense collaboration with the distribution channel.

Through its brands – La Gula del Norte®, Krissia®, Aguinamar® and Angulas Aguinaga Profesional – the company has the mission of revolutionizing food at the service of the consumer with innovative, convenient and high-quality products.

Its business strategy is R+P, with research and people being the most important pillars for the company. Likewise, the international market is one of the points on which the company focuses its efforts, representing 36% of the annual revenue.

The values of Angulas Aguinaga are:

  • Leadership with innovation and through its brands: Angulas Aguinaga shows the way in the markets where it works through innovation and leading brands.
  • Team/people: Angulas Aguinaga believes in teamwork and is committed to caring for and developing the professional career of all its employees. The company is always looking to retain talent and attract it from outside, as well as being a company proud of its team in which all members want to work and, those who are not yet on the team, want to be part of it.
  • Quality: Angulas Aguinaga designs and creates products that they are proud to offer to families and customers.
  • Integrity/responsibility: Angulas Aguinaga always acts within the law. Integrity is the responsibility of both the company and each of its employees.
  • Commitment: Angulas Aguinaga manages and protects the resources and reputation of the company and its brands.