LZF Lamps

LZF was co-founded in 1994 by Mariví Calvo, a Spanish artist, and Sandro Tothill, an Australian musician. Together, they shared a passion for creativity and experimentation: on one auspicious occasion, while playing with wood veneers, Mariví and Sandro hit on a novel idea for enveloping light. LZF has since crafted an extensive collection of innovative lamps, in collaboration with many talented designers. By developing Timberlite®, a patented process for treating natural wood veneer—making the veneer pliable and non-breakable—those designers working with LZF have created a multitude of eye-catching lamp shapes.

LZF has always been a creative hub. In its twenty-six year journey to date, the company has embraced art, design, craftsmanship, innovation, technology, and sustainability. While wood veneer is LZF’s staple, it recently started working with new materials, including hand-blown borosilicate glass. Never losing touch with its creative history or its roots, LZF’s lamps are produced in its bustling factory in the village of Chiva, Valencia. Each lamp is handmade by skilled and diligent craftspeople, from FSC certified natural wood veneers. LZF is committed to the preservation of traditional skills and know-how. Its lamps have journeyed across the world and are part of a showcase of great Spanish design.

Today, LZF has received more than thirty-five national and international awards, including Spain’s National Innovation and Design Award 2020, in the ‘Companies’ category. And at its core, LZF remains devoted to, and fascinated by, the possibilities found in wood touched by light.