Fondo Forestal Ibérico

Gulius is the brand of the gourmet products that we grow and elaborate on our farm in Villamalea in the province of Albacete Spain.

Our natural environment and an environmentally friendly culture are the key factors while offering biodynamic products rich in flavour, authenticity, and balance.  A range with agro-organic, bio-environmental and, of course, gastronomic requirements for the most demanding palates.

Our essence and philosophy have been developed in an incredible agroforestry area located in the center-east of Spain.  The Mediterranean climate characterizes our traditional culture of dry land farming.  Our goal is to preserve its values through an advanced practice of bio-integral agriculture. The most demanding method of agronomic agriculture in the world. Nutritionally and organically, representing the quota of the highest quality.

Taking into account the biological and biodynamic precepts, integral organic farming enriches the diversity of the countryside and contributes to preserving the environment.  In search of healthy agricultural products, “clean” nutritionally and going even further to allow a perfect balance with the natural environment.

  • Preserve the water resources of the subsoil of the region.
  • Use only native rootstocks and protect traditional agronomic varieties.
  • Promote integral biological balance, with minimal human intervention.
  • Integrate botanical and forest restoration of the environment with native plant species.

The result: with a vision of the future, agricultural quality, and respect for our nature, we make available to world markets a range of very select products of the highest quality. Our products offer the best levels of health and nutrition and a unique organoleptic experience.   The oils very appreciated throughout the millennia, being the oils of the Mediterranean the basis of our nutrition and gastronomy.  These are jewels of ancestral origin that we continue to produce through a cold pressing process using our pistachios, almonds and biodynamically grown olives.

With the same care and dedication our pastes provide a nutritional richness and endless gastronomic possibilities.  Products based on fruits of the biodynamic domain, which are melted at room temperature according to the traditional method of granite stone to obtain an adequate quality and texture.

Small treasures of our geography, born with a vision that points to quality, excellence, and commitment to nature.

Mediterranean balance of Gulius, authentic flavor.